See our planet’s highest sand dunes, oldest desert, and largest intact meteorite in Namibia

Namibian tour

Do you sometimes (maybe even often) crave a bit of space, yearn to escape your everyday hustle bustle? Do you long to slip away from the crowd and listen to the silence? Yes? Then our Namibia tour sounds like your thing.

With its vast, open terrain, spectacular landscapes and captivating wildlife, incomparable Namibia is one of the world’s ‘great escape’ destinations. It is crammed full of chart-topping natural wonders – our planet’s highest sand dunes, its oldest desert, its largest intact meteorite, the second largest canyon, the largest aloe and the world’s largest elephants.

Namibia is incredibly spacious and sparsely populated – you won’t be swamped by the crowds. But you will be confronted by stunning colour and contrast every which way you look. Intriguing ancient landscapes will tell you a story that began many millions of years ago with the breakup of the Gondwanaland super-continent. You’ll discover more recent history in the stone-age rock art, you’ll hear stories from the colonial past in the ghostly remains of a diamond-mining town.

And you’ll definitely be hooked by some of the very best wildlife viewings in Africa. Our Namibian tour incorporates Etosha National park the home to a vast array of species – elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, leopard, rhino, kudu, black-faced impala… the list goes on. Best of all, you won’t be competing with a mass of tourists for the best viewpoints.

As for that space and quiet, you long for? It will be all around you. Just take an early morning walk along a bushveld path or an evening stroll under Namibia’s brilliant night sky. Your soul will be singing in no time.

The biggest surprise in store may be the comfortable transport and luxury accommodation we’ve planned for you. There’ll be no overland truck or putting up tents, but don’t worry, you’ll still have an authentic Namibian safari and an adventure you’ll never forget.

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What you can experience on our Namibian tour

22,935 km² of wildlife kingdom.

Abandoned town where diamonds once lay in the sand.

En masse, real size, real time, real life.

A lonely ancient monolith, shaped by the elements.

Massive soaring sand dunes, largest on the planet.

60-tonne space invader.

Colour on colour, a kaleidoscope of deserts.

Derived from indigenous tribes, German, Afrikaans, Dutch and English.

Snaking chasm carved out by geological forces.

Elegant accommodation at the end of each enchanting day.

Intriguing aloe trees, spectacular sunset location.

Crammed craft markets or sumptuous stores, you choose.

6, 000-year-old San bushman rock art.

Doesn’t this just make you want to hop on a plane?

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